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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Shhhh...It's A Secret

Hi Friends,

A few months ago my hubby was looking for the entrance to get down underneath the main floor bathroom as we'll be doing some renos and he needs to know what our options are.  He couldn't find it anywhere.  The bathroom isn't located in the original  home but an addition that was put in some time later...we have no idea when.  Therefore, you can't access it through the basement but we knew there HAD to be a way.  There was a spongy spot in the dining room floor which is next to the bathroom so he decided to pull the carpet up in that area to access it.  Nope!!!  No entrance there.  Instead, we found a secret.  Shhh...don't tell anyone.

We found this cement safe built into the floor.  We remembered at that point that somebody once told him that he had installed a safe in that room many years ago, we had forgotten all about that.  To our surprise, we found it.

When he pulled back the carpet, this is what we first saw.  Not too exciting lol.  Just the carpet underlay haha!!

Step 2 - still quite boring!  Hang on friends, the excitement is starting to build...

Drum roll please...there it is, the safe.

When he began to remove the top of the safe it was so exciting.  What would we find?  Money, jewels?????  No...just an old tea towel.  How disappointing, the story of my life LOL!!  We figured it was placed there to keep dampness away.

As you can see from my favourite striped helper, it isn't that large.  He's a big boy though.

The cement slab that had to be removed to access the safe is about 2 1/2 inches (6.35 cm) thick.  It's heavy!  You can see it on the right side of this photo.

This photo gives you a little better view of the depth of it.

Remember, it's a secret.  Don't tell a soul!!

Thanks for visiting!

~ Kelly ~

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Moving Day

It's's finally here!  Moving day.

In the last 2-3 weeks my daughter, Alyssa,  has been working hard on finding an apartment for herself and her two kids.  It has been a long haul since they moved in with us - 8 1/2 months to be exact.

When she first moved in with us last May with her daughter, Lily, it was to be a temporary thing but it quickly worked into 6 months.  Early November we expected that she would be moving back out on her own but it wasn't meant to be.  She gave birth to her second child, Morgan, in mid November and ended up staying longer, we weren't sure if we could make it but really didn't have a choice.  It has been quite difficult at times as my hubby and I are very quiet people and there has been a lot of noise lol.  It has also been a very rewarding experience.  We  have had the opportunity to watch Lily grow and learn about many new things and see Morgan go from newborn to smiling and cooing to us.  Yesterday was a day full of both excitement and sadness.  Excitement that we finally had our house back haha!!

Morgan was doing a lot of cooing in this photo, he's sitting in his bouncy chair which he loves dearly.

Although my daughter is only living about 15 mins. down the road, it's going to be strange for a while.  When we arrived home yesterday after moving their contents to their new apartment, Lily's rocking chair was sitting in it's usual spot and I felt a wave of sadness.  That little girl has become such a huge part of our lives.  We planning on seeing her often but as grandparents instead.  We'll be able to send her home lol.  On the other side of things - our quiet house is wonderful.  I can actually hear myself think, it's been a long time since I could do that.

Lily with Blackie around the time she moved in with us.

The one thing my hubby and I were looking forward to after they moved out was to get the house back in order.  The contents of nearly ever room have been shifted so it's going to take a bit of work to accomplish this.  Today we were able to get some of that completed.  It felt good!  Hopefully we can share these photos with you soon as things come together.

Thanks for popping in as I always love your visits.

~ Kelly ~

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Winter Fun

Hi Friends,

Lately we had been going through a January thaw and have lost a majority of our snow.  There was a hint of Spring in the air and it was wonderful.  And then...back it came which of course we expected.  Snow squall watches and warnings and slippery roads.  Thursday morning was gorgeous as we had heavy, wet snow and all the trees were coated.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time for photos.

Today, snow has been falling quietly and steadily throughout the day, there wasn't even a hint of a breeze in the air.  I had been wanting to get Lily and Katie out for a walk so I thought what better time to go than when it's a winter wonderland.

Katie loves her walks so she ran ahead then waited patiently for us to catch up.  Once we were close, she took off running again.

Lily always has to climb up on the picnic table whenever we go for a stroll.  I didn't expect her to do this in the winter but you know how insistent a 3 year old can be.  So up she went.

The pond hasn't completely frozen over since the thaw. 

This is the mini marsh (the frog pond), behind the main pond.

And here comes Katie.  Running...

and running...

And running...she's having a great time.

Lily tossing some snow in the air.

Making snow angels.

 As we were heading back, Katie decided to take a much needed rest.

I hope you enjoyed your winter walk with us.  It wasn't that cold out today which was nice but I looked like the abominable snow monster by the time we went back into the house.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come again.  I always love reading your comments.

~ Kelly ~

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Decorative Heart Pillow Tutorial

Hi Friends,

Today is the day for my first tutorial.  It has been a long time coming.  Since I'm now at the start of my 2nd year of Blogging, I figured it was time.  This is a fairly simple pattern but I loved how they turned out and wanted to share it with you.

Decorative Heart Pillow - Supplies Needed

Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Fabric of your choice
Lacy fabric or doily
Ribbon - 12" (approx. 30 cm)
Strip of Lace
Polyester fiber fill
Glue gun and glue - optional

I started out by cutting a heart out of paper.  I usually use lined paper as it allows for straight lines or folds when required.  You can make any size of heart - it's your creation, create what works for you.  My heart measured 8" (approx. 20 cm) in length and 5 1/2" (approx. 14 cm) across the widest part.         

I pinned this paper heart onto the fabric of my choice, I used a cotton fabric.  Cut 2 of these.

Now repeat this step by pinning the paper heart onto your lace fabric, cut 1.

  I found this piece in the thrift store, wow is it thick and heavy.  I can't recall if it was in the fabric section or the table cloth section, that was erased from my mind before I left the store.  I'm sure some of you can relate lol!  When I was about to start this project I looked at this piece and thought - I can't cut this, it's too pretty.  But then...I saw that someone had already cut one side off.  I was in luck!  No guilt!  I couldn't get to the scissors quick enough.

Isn't it pretty?  I love the scalloped edge, I'll be keeping this part for another project.

This is what the heart will look like once all the pieces have been cut.

With the right side of the lace fabric facing up, take one of the cotton hearts and place it face down on top of it.

Now pin these 3 pieces together.

Stitch around the outside of the heart ensuring you leave an opening of about 1 1/2" (approx. 3.75 cm) or so, I left the opening on the straight side of the heart.  To determine my seam allowance,  I used the edge of the presser foot as seen below.

Now for this next part, I forgot to take a photo to show you.  When you sew around the curve of the heart and you get past the inner point, go straight across for a few stitches then go back up around the next curve.  I hope that makes sense.  This will help prevent bunching once you stuff your heart.

Before turning your heart right side out, you want to clip around the curves, cut straight across at the bottom tip of the heart and at the inner corners at the top center of your heart (at the L shape of the seam).  CUT AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN TO THE SEAM WITHOUT GETTING TOO CLOSE, you don't want to cut the actual seam then have to re-sew it.  Are your confused yet?  I really need some photos.

Turn your heart right side out, make sure you turn it with the right side of the lace facing outward.  Now you're ready to stuff it with polyester fiber fill.  I stuffed mine firmly.  Stitch the hole closed with your needle and thread.

I made one of these lace flowers and placed it on the heart.  This particular embellishment is actually an earring from the thrift store.  Enjoy being creative.

To make this lace flower, cut a strip of lace.  I have no idea how long this strip was.  How am I doing for my first tutorial?  Haha!!  I think it was about 12" (approx. 30 cm) long and 1 1/2" wide (approx. 3.75 cm).  You will know what length of lace you require as you stitch it.

Using a needle and thread, stitch back and forth close to the edge of the lace to create a gather.  Pull it tight every so often, by doing this you will see the flower forming.  Once the flower is looking full, sew the ends together to secure it.  Make sure you use enough lace.  If you don't, it will bunch up and curl inward.  Place an embellishment in the center once completed. 

For this lace flower, I glued a fake pearl in the center (it also could have been stitched on instead).  I folded the strip of ribbon in half and glued it to the back of the flower, then glued the flower onto the pillow (you could also stitch the flower on instead).

These were made for a local craft sale.

Thanks for following along, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

As always, I'm thrilled when you come for a visit.

~ Kelly ~

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A Blustery Day

Hi Friends,

The snow squalls have set in - yet again. This is normal for the area I live in as the high winds from the Great Lakes blow the snow and sometimes the squalls in producing white out conditions.  There are currently a few road closures around the area, I'm hoping tomorrow will bring better weather.  I do love being out in the country though, staring out the windows at the blowing snow while being safe and sound in a warm home.

Poor Katie...she loves the snow but not when it's like this.  It was all I could do to push her outside to do her "doggy deed".  As you can tell, she wasn't impressed.

Spring is starting to look really good about now.  How many more weeks?

This poor rocking chair didn't get brought in from the porch before winter set in.  The blowing snow gave it a nice wintery coating today.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Kelly ~

Monday, January 02, 2017

1 Year of Blogging

Hi Friends,

It's hard for me to believe that today is the 1 year anniversary of my first post.  That year went fast.  I was so excited at that time to start a blog and I'm so glad I did.  I haven't had any regrets other than wishing I could have created more posts in the last year.  Recently, things have been a little slow on the posts but hopefully 2017 will change that.  I enjoy it as much now as I did 1 year ago.  Many of you have been blogging for years and I'm in awe of that.  I hope I can say the same one day.

Sneakers enjoying a nap, isn't he sweet?

I am so thankful to all of you that have taken an interest in my blog, it means the world to me.  I am also very thankful to my niece, Stephanie, over at The Enchanting Rose for introducing me to the blogging world, helping me to get started and introducing my blog to so many of you.

Thank you for stopping by, your visits make my day!  Stay tuned for more posts.

~ Kelly ~

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas


Recently, my hubby and I decided to take our granddaughter, Lily, out to cut down a Christmas tree, we thought it would be an amazing experience for her.  Although I grew up with real trees for Christmas and have always loved them, sometime through the years I converted to a fake tree.  It was just easier I guess and they hold the heaviest of decorations.  Every few years I would buy a real one but would convert back to the fake one again.  When my hubby and I moved to the country, we were determined to have a real tree. it took the third Christmas here to do it but we finally did.  I didn't realize until that day that although my hubby grew up with real trees, they were always purchased at a store.  He had never actually cut one down.  He thoroughly enjoyed the experience as did Lily.

The day was absolutely perfect.  The snow was falling all around us but it wasn't too cold.  We were way back on the farm with the forest surrounding us.  It was beautiful!!!  The only thing missing was a thermos of hot cocoa.  Lily had an absolutely amazing time.

Lily waiting anxiously for Poppa to pull her on the toboggan to see the Christmas trees.  She was sooo excited.

The determination of a 3 year old.  She was only able to pull the tree a few inches on her own before she asked Poppa for help.  Look at her form!  That girl knows how to get it done lol.

The tree waiting to be decorated...what do you see?

My Christmas Village.

Life has been busy and hectic again.  Not only have I not had the concentration to blog, I haven't had the concentration to visit all of your wonderful blogs either.  I was so looking forward to seeing what everyone was posting for the Christmas season and keeping up with your lives.  In the mean time, I think I need to catch up with mine lol!

One of the busy times recently was on November 17 when my daughter welcomed her second child, Morgan (a boy) into the world.  Lily is now a big sister and absolutely loves the role.  They are still living with us and it can be quite difficult some days as we're tripping over each other.  The original plan was for them to move out sooner but that has been delayed.  Needless to say, our home renovating has been placed on hold for the last 7 months and will have to wait a bit longer.  I can still dream though.

During this time period we also lost our water supply due to a hole in the line coming from the well, eventually the water stopped running to the house altogether.  We had many days of lugging water from the store just so we could continue to live in our house.  I have to was NOT FUN!  Our plan was to put a new line in but after digging up the yard, the line to the house wasn't located.  There goes my lawn and garden.  Our neighbour was absolutely wonderful in using his backhoe and only charging us for gas as it could have cost hundreds of dollars otherwise.  We have quite the mess to clean up in the Spring.  In the end, the line could only be repaired.  I hope we don't have any other issues with it.

Our pretty boy with the Christmas candle.

I want to wish EVERYONE a Very, Merry Christmas.  May God bless you and yours through this holiday season.  Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.